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We are always on the lookout for great teachers!

If you are interested in working with us,
please send us your cover letter and resume with a profile photo to:
Share your love of learning and the English language with students in their most impressionable years with a job as an English Teacher at Summit.
We are looking for teachers who have experience, a passion for teaching, a deep understanding of children, and a great sense of team spirit.

To be part of the team, you’ll need:

A Bachelor’s degree
in any field –
Preference given to degrees
in Language and Education
or any related teaching
(TESOL, TEFL, etc.)
Hagwon experience
of at least two years is
Apostilled diploma,
FBI background check,
health/medical checkup,
and ARC
Basic knowledge
of Microsoft Office
to teaching 1 full year
and responsible work ethic
A positive attitude

Both full-time and part-time applicants are welcome to submit their applications.