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대표 Jae Bae


Northwestern University - School of Law
University of California, Berkeley - BS Environmental Economics and Policy

원장 Erica Yun


University of California, Irvine – BA Sociology, Minor Political Science

Experience - 18 years

前) Proud 7, Bundang (2013-2016): R&D Team Manager, Instructor
前) Paedea, Seocho/Bangbae (2011-2013): Curriculum Developer, Instructor
前) JLEE Preparatory, Bundang (2007-2010): Director, Founding Member
前) Proud 7, Daechi (2007): Curriculum Developer, Instructor
前) Ian Institute, Cheongdam (2006-2007): Content Developer, Instructor
前) Jeongsang Language Institute, Daechi (2005): Researcher
前) CDI, Cheongdam (2004-2005): Head Instructor
前) Learning Teaching Research Center, City Hall (2002-2003): Instructor
前) YBM Sisa, Daechi (2001-2002): Instructor